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Basic Trademark Application - United States

The U.S. Trademark Office charges $335 per class.  Our attorneys fee is $315 for the first class and $110 for each additional class. 

® Official Fee Attorneys' Fee Subtotal
 single class $335 $315 $650
 two classes $670 $425 $1095
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In absence of complications, the total estimated fees (including official fees) for a word mark in a single class are $610; For 2 classes: $1045;
The Basic Fee includes attorney preparation of the application forms, creation of the required drawing page and simultaneous filing of specimens delivered to the United States Patent & Trademark Office. There are no additional fees for any routine updates during the reporting period as we monitor the file and keep trademark Applicants updated on official correspondence and publication dates. There are no additional fees for mailing the Registration certificate, once received, nor for our special bonus: The A&A Trademark Usage Guide. 
The Basic fee does not include any official fees, search or clearance services, advisory opinions, nor priorities based on Foreign registrations and filings, complex designations of trademark classifications, design or graphical drafting, nor other service fees, if any are required for responses to official actions, amendments, oppositions, objections and appeals.


Although not technically required, a search for conflicting marks should always be conducted.  In light of potential delays in obtaining the registration and to strengthen one's chances in the event of later litigation, a thorough search is always a prudent and relatively inexpensive investment. 

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